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 Working in China: Do’s and Don’ts

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Working in China: Do’s and Don’ts Empty
PostSubject: Working in China: Do’s and Don’ts   Working in China: Do’s and Don’ts Icon_minitimeSat Sep 13, 2008 12:07 am

There are job openings for skilled and professional foreign workers in China, so more and more overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are attracted to explore this country.

However to avoid misfortune and unlikely events, Filipino workers who wants to work in China should be aware of the things that you can and cannot do there. Read on to gain knowledge:


Make sure that you fully understand any written document that is presented to you before signing it. Likewise, never sign a document that is written in a foreign language.

Make sure that your potential employer is legally allowed to deploy foreign workers. Be suspicious if the employer/agency would give you only a tourist visa to enter China.

To ensure that you have the proper working visa, apply for a Z visa prior to going to China. You can get this from the Chinese Embassy in Manila or Chinese Consulate General in Cebu or Laoag. Be informed that an authorized employer in China would guide you and be the one to inform proper authorities in China for you to receive a visa notification and a Work Permit for Aliens/Foreign Expert’s License. These are the documents you need to submit to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate General.

You need to secure a residence permit within a day after arriving in China by registering at the Public Security Bureau (PSB) in your locality. Be aware that there are apartment owners who choose not to report to the PSB that they are renting their place out to foreigners to avoid paying higher taxes. This puts you at risk of being fined when the PSB find out.

Check if the job offer presented bears the signature of a potential employer.


Do not change employer/school/hotel which is indicated in your working Z visa. This is because the Z visa is valid only for a particular employer. Inform the Chinese Labor and Social Security Bureau or the Chinese Foreign Experts Bureau if you really need to transfer to a new employer.

Do not believe any job advertisements for domestic helpers/ nannies in China.

The DFA issued an advisory that there are no job openings for household help in China. Foreign workers employed as households help in China are likely not to have proper working permits.

Do not go to China carrying a tourist (L) visa or business tour “F” visa if your real intention is to find employment. Advertisements saying that you can change your visa status upon arriving in China are not true. You will likely receive a fake visa, be fined or eventually deported.

As a tourist in China, do not believe a promise that you are eligible to apply for Europe or American visa. This is not possible because only Chinese citizens are permitted to file application for this visa at the European and U.S. embassies/consulates in China.

Do not give your passport to anyone. It is a personal document and no one can take it from you.
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Working in China: Do’s and Don’ts
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