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 How To’s of the New Machine-Readable Passport

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How To’s of the New Machine-Readable Passport Empty
PostSubject: How To’s of the New Machine-Readable Passport   How To’s of the New Machine-Readable Passport Icon_minitimeSat Sep 13, 2008 12:24 am

The Department for Foreign Affairs (DFA) is now issuing machine-readable passport to applicants. In contrast with the old passport, the new one is maroon-colored with a magnetic strip. Important information about the passport holder as well as security features are embedded in the magnetic strip that can be seen in the first page of the document.

The fingerprint of the passport holder has a digital image in the document so personal appearance of applicants is now required, both for first time applicants and renewal.

Here is the step-by-step procedure in applying for machine-readable passport as stated in the DFA website.

1. Fill out the application form.

2. Attach all the necessary documents needed in the application form.

3. Follow the procedure:

Step 1 - Records Verification (This will be done at Window A & B of the DFA Basketball Court.)

Step 2 - Documents Evaluation and Processing (The documents you submitted will be examined by the officer in charge. If it is approved, you will be given a receipt and you can proceed to the auditorium for the next step.)

Step 3 – Payment, Encoding and Fingerprinting

Encoding, payment and fingerprinting will be done at the Auditorium area. You can go back to the DFA office on the release date indicated in our form.

Processing Fee:

Expedited Processing (7 working days), 44 pages – P 750

Regular Processing (14 working days), 44 pages – P 500

Replacement of Lost valid Passport - 44 pages – P 700

Guidelines on New Photo Requirements for Machine-Readable Passport

The Passport Division requires that the passport photos of the applicant should comply with the following guidelines consistent with International Standards.

General Rule:

The photograph of the Passport Holder is important because it verifies the identity of the holder. It allows the immigration Officer/Proper Authorities to identify the Passport Holder.

Background Color, Pose and Image Size

* Background color should be preferably Royal Blue or dark blue.
* Full frontal facial image
* Image of the applicant should occupy approximately 70% - 80% of the photograph.


There should be at least 8mm- 10mm space at the top of the photo between the edge of the photo and the crown/head of the person to allow cropping of the photo at the Passport Information Control Center.

Matte Paper Preferred

Photograph should be printed on good quality photo paper preferably matte and should be free from ink marks, dirt, grease, finger prints and paste stains.

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How To’s of the New Machine-Readable Passport
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