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 HSWs: Know Your Rights to Prevent Abuse

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HSWs: Know Your Rights to Prevent Abuse Empty
PostSubject: HSWs: Know Your Rights to Prevent Abuse   HSWs: Know Your Rights to Prevent Abuse Icon_minitimeSat Sep 13, 2008 12:28 am

Carmela Bignotia, Aug 21, 2007

Household service workers (HSW) should receive equal rights like a normal employee. Any form of abuse they may experience while working is a violation of their rights as a legitimate worker and as a human. Therefore it will hold their employees liable in law.

Unfortunately, most HSWs are not aware of their rights as an employee and that makes them very vulnerable to abuse. If you are a foreign domestic worker, the following are some of the rights you should keep in mind:

Proper Living conditions: It is your right to be given a room that has necessities like pillows, blankets, mattresses, and proper air ventilation. For your safety, you can ask for your own set of keys. You can also request a room that can be locked from the inside.

Eight Working Hours: You can complain if your employer is forcing you to work beyond the regular 8 hours. You should also be allowed to have one rest day per week. If your employer wants you to work on a rest day, then the extra day must be duly compensated.

Three Meals a Day: To keep you physically fit, you have the right to be given adequate and nutritious food.

List of Responsibilities: It is necessary that your duties as a household worker is clearly specified and limited to domestic work inside the house of your employer. It is not proper for you to render favors like giving body massages. It is also prohibited for an employer to let the HSW work for family friends or relatives.

Medical Treatment: In times of sickness, your employer must help you receive medical attention and treatment.

Proper Salary: You must receive the amount of salary stated in your contract every payday. There should be no deduction except if there are specifications in the contract.
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HSWs: Know Your Rights to Prevent Abuse
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